Pengertian dan Contoh Report Text Bahasa Inggris

 Contoh Report text bahasa inggris adalah teks bahasa inggris yang menjelaskan tentang sesuatu secara general atau umum, report text hampir sama dengan descriptive text, namun jika kamu teliti, pasti akan menemukan perbedaan diantara kedua teks tersebut, biasanya pada soal soal bahasa inggris, contoh report text menyajikan tentang hewan, tumbuhan atau tanaman, dan object tertentu lainnya.

  Apa perbedaan report text dengan descriptive text ? mungkin kamu penasaran apa sih bedanya ? jadi report text itu adalah teks yang menjelaskan tentang sesuatu secara umum, dan sebaliknya, descriptive text adalalah teks yang menjelaskan sesuatu secara khusus, terdapat perbedaan juga pada bagian judul diantara kedua teks tersebut, silahkan perhatikan contoh judul berikut ini, agar kamu paham !
  • Judul report text : Cat
  • Judul Descriptive : My Angora Cat
  Gimana sudah paham ? jika belum, oke saya jelasin mengenai contoh judul diatas, pada judul diatas memiliki perbedaan yaitu jika report text hanya Cat ( Kucing ) saja, namun pada teks descriptive ada tambahan atau lebih mengarah ke spesies kucing tersebut, yaitu My Anggora Cat ( Kucing Anggora Saya ).

Pengertian dan Contoh Report Text Bahasa Inggris kelas 9

Generic Structure Report Text :

1. General Classification.
   Pada bagian ini terdapat teks pengantar yang suatu object yang akan di laporkan atau di deskripsikan.

2. Description
   Description atau deskripsi ( gambaran ), pada bagian ini penulis, mendeskripsikan object atau sesuatu yang akan di bahas, meliputi ; bagian -bagian, sifat, deskripsi umum serta penjabaran ilmiah lainnya, yang sesuai fakta.

Contoh Report Text :

Rose ( Bunga )
  If you are in love, you may remember a rose. It is a symbol of romantic thing. However do you know the nature of this beautiful flower?

   Rose is in a family of Rosaceae. The flower is large and showy. The colours range from white through yellows and reds. Most species of rose are native to Asia, Europe, North America, and northwest Africa. Rose plants can grow in different size from compact, miniature, to climbers which reach 7 meters in height.

    The popular species of roses are Banksianae, Caninae, Carolinae, Chinensis, Gallicanae. Banksianae is a rose flower from China which is white and yellow. Caninae is a species from Asia, Europe and North Africa which is pink and white. Carolinae is known from North America which has a white, pink, and bright pink colour. Chinensis is a white, pink, yellow, red and mixed-color rose from China and Burma. Gallicanae is a species of roses from western Asia and Europe which is pink to crimson.

   Roses are best known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors. They have been also used for commercial perfumery and commercial cut flower crops.
Guava ( Jambu )
   Guava is a plant in the myrtle family (Myrtaceae) genus Psidium. It is native to Mexico and Central America, Northern South America, parts of the Caribbean and some parts of North Africa and also some parts of India. The guava tree is not big. It is about 33 feet with spreading branches. 

   The bark is smooth with green or reddish brown color. The plant branches are close to the ground. Its young twigs are soft. It has hard dark elliptic leaves. It is about 2-6 inches long and 1 - 2 inches wide. The flowers are white, with five petals and numerous stamens.    

   Guava is cultivated in many tropical and sub tropical countries for its edible fruit. Guava fruit, usually 2 to 4 inches long, is round or oval depending on the species. Varying between species, the skin can be any thickness, it is usually green when unripe, but becomes yellow or maroon when ripe. The flesh of Guava fruit is sweet or sour.

   The color of the flesh may be white, pink, yellow, or red, with the seeds in the central part of the flesh. The seeds are numerous but small. In some good varieties, they are edible. Actual seed counts have ranged from 112 to 535. Guava fruit is rich with vitamins A and C, omega-3 and omega-6, gatty acids and high levels of dietary fibre.
Mangoes ( Mangga )
   Mangoes are one of the most popular fruits in the world. Mangoes are tropical fruits. They are grown in the tropical regions throughout the world. 

   Mango tree is an evergreen that grows about more than 5 meters. Mango tree have many branch and the color are brown. That leaves are long and slender, the flowers are pink. The taste of mango are sweet and sometimes it is little sour. Mangoes are delicious food which is rich of vitamin A and C. 

  Mangoes have many shapes sometime it is oval, round or like kidney. It is base from the variety. Mangoes skins are smooth. Usually mangoes colors are green or yellow. Mangoes have a big hard inner pit. Mangoes pulps are juicy and have yellow color. 

  Mangoes are eaten fresh or we can make it as many variety of food such as preserve, juice or you may add in a cake. 

  Mangoes are cultivates about  4000 years ago in and the Indonesian archipelago. But, now we can find Mangoes in the many tropical country in this world it is because in the end of 1700’s and 1800’s European explores brought mangoes from to the other tropical country.
Orange ( Jeruk )
   Orange is a famous fruit in the world. Almost people know it, includeindonesian people.
Orange has some kinds of names. Then , it has fresh color. It usuallyhas sweet taste and sometimes it is not sweet or sour. There are somenames or kind of orange, such as,orange bali (citrus maxima),palembang orange Mandarin orange, purut orange(kaffirlime), lemonorange and etc. Everyone can buy orange in market or fruit seller.

   Many people just know that orange fruit use for orange juice or freshdrink. Then, almost people just understand that orange only has vit C.Whereas, orange is not just only for those. However orange has more51 calorie energy for our body, protein 0,9 gr and any fat 0,2 gr. Itis also for healt, beauty and food material.Orange for healt can make medicine.It likes cough and fiver medicine for one of kinds orange.It takes from orange juice. 

   Thus, about orange of beauty, clear face,and makes fresh face because orange has vit A (beta karoten), Vit Cand many other.Orange can use also for embellish food for more delicious and it givesgood smell to food. There are some advantages of kinds orange fruit.Thus we can understand about many advantages of orange fruits.

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